Meet Our Team

Leadership: Weill Cornell Medicine

Monika M. Safford, MD

PALS Founder, Owner, Content Writer and Researcher

Fred N. Pelzman, MD

Senior Director of Faculty Engagement, Researcher, Content Writer

Sanjai Sinha, MD

Senior Director of Content Development, Content Writer, Researcher

Keith Roach, MD

Director of Creative, Researcher, Content Writer

Laura Gingras, MD

Director of Education Innovation, Researcher, Content Writer

Eloise Chapman, MD

Researcher, Content Writer, OBGYN

Iris Y. Navarro Millan, MD

Researcher, Content Writer, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Neil Lewis Jr., PHD

Researcher, Communications

Madeline Sterling, MD

Researcher, Content Writer, Heart Failure

Pat Cassano, PHD

Researcher, Content Writer, Cochrane Nutrition

Leadership: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jeffrey R. Curtis, MD

Co- Founder, Patient Activated Learning System

Ronan O’Beirne, EdD

Senior Director of Reusable Knowledge Objects


Katelyn Zingg, BA

Administrative Specialist

Medical Content Writers

Lisa Souza

Elizabeth Heun, RN

Software Development

Susan Anspaugh

IT Manager