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Meet Our Team

Leadership: Weill Cornell Medicine

Monika M. Safford, MD

Founder, Patient Activated Learning System

Amanda S. Carmel, MD

Senior Director of Content Development

Fred N. Pelzman, MD

Senior Director of Faculty Engagement

Sanjai Sinha, MD

Senior Director of Hospital to Home Transition

Laura Gingras, MD

Director of Content Development

Leadership: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jeffrey R. Curtis, MD

Co- Founder, Patient Activated Learning System

Ronan O’Beirne, EdD

Senior Director of Reusable Knowledge Objects


Anita Mesi, MBA

Division Administrator

Arta Habili, MA

Marketing Manager

Research Assistants

Sylvia Lee, BS
Content Developer

Software Development

Jonathan Cortis
Senior Manager
Raychel Wooten
Technical Lead
Vamsi Muthavarapu
Quality Assurance Lead
Jeff Frees


Codrin Barasch, BA
Ariel Barasch, BS
Copy Editor