For most people, the effects of chlorthalidone last 24 hours. Taking chlorthalidone in the morning controls blood pressure throughout the day and night.

Take chlorthalidone at a time you will remember. Be sure to take it at the same time every day.

Many doctors recommend taking chlorthalidone in the morning. This is because some people urinate more after taking chlorthalidone. If you take chlorthalidone at night, you might not sleep well because of nighttime trips to the bathroom. Also, blood pressure tends to be higher during the day than at night. No matter when you decide to take chlorthalidone, be sure to take it at the same time every day.

Many people find it helpful to take their medicine at the same time as another regular daily activity. Make chlorthalidone a part of your morning routine! Whether it’s when you brush your teeth or when you sit down to eat breakfast, make sure your chlorthalidone is there too. This can help you remember to take it every morning. Think of your blood pressure medicine as your friend who wants to help you stay healthy. Don’t forget to invite your friend to breakfast every morning!

The same time every day, that's the way!