Most people who take an extra dose of amlodipine will be fine. But call your doctor right away if you don't feel well or have other concerns. Your doctor may ask you to stay home, take your blood pressure, or watch for warning signs. You may also be asked to come into their office or go the emergency room. But usually you won’t need to.

The highest daily dose of amlodipine is usually 10 mg a day. Taking one extra dose is likely safe, but the amount of amlodipine that may be harmful is different for everyone.

Taking too much of any medicine at once can cause serious side effects. Too much amlodipine can cause your blood pressure to drop too low. It can also cause a fast heart rate, nausea, trouble breathing, and sleepiness. In severe cases, it can damage organs like the heart, kidney, and brain.

Avoid taking an extra dose in the future. Try to take your medicine at the same time every day. Use a pillbox or other system to help keep track of your pills. This will help prevent you from accidentally missing or taking an extra dose.

If you don't feel okay, call your doctor right away!