On the day you leave the hospital, you will get a list of the medications you should take when you go home. This list will be part of your discharge instructions with the label: “Discharge Medication List”.  Your nurse will go over each medication with you, including how and when to take each one. Though you may have medications at home, it is important that you only take the medications that are on this list when you get home from the hospital. Stick with the list!

Now you’ll probably have different medications at home. You might even look in your medicine cabinet and realize you forgot to tell the hospital about some of the medications you were taking before you went in.  It’s ok, and not unusual. Right now what you need is on that list.

The doctors and pharmacists have balanced the types and dosages of everything so it’s all set when you’re ready to go home. At this time, you don’t need to take any of the medications you took before your hospital stay. Taking medications not on your list can lead to trouble, with dangerous effects that might land you back in the hospital. Stick with the list!

Coming home from the hospital is a good step, but it’s also a big one. Make sure to see your doctor in the week or two after you leave the hospital, and bring your medication list with you. If anything about your medicines feels off, or something isn’t agreeing with you, make sure to call your doctor right away.

Stick with the list, and be well!