The best age to get vaccinated for HPV is between ages 9 to 14 years for both girls and boys. Usually, age 11 to 12 is optimal. Getting fully vaccinated before becoming sexually active gives the most protection. This age group needs 2 doses to get the most benefit.

HPV best age

Studies find that the HPV vaccine lowers the risk of getting several types of cancer as well as genital warts.

Unvaccinated people age 15 to 26 can still benefit from the HPV vaccine. This age grou­­p needs 3 doses to get the most benefit. After that age, the vaccine is not offered. Rarely, after discussion, the doctor may give it to a person age 27 to 45 who is at high risk for a new HPV infection.

Age 9 to 14 is best to get the HPV vaccine! But up to age 26, it still provides benefits!