Vitamin D helps your body absorb and maintain the right amounts of calcium and phosphorous. This is very important for bone health. It also keeps blood vessels and nerves working properly. The release of hormones at the right levels is also dependent on vitamin D.

Low levels of vitamin D can cause health problems in people of all ages. In adults, it can lead to a disease called osteomalacia. This causes soft bones and raises the risk of bone fractures. In children, vitamin D is important for healthy bone growth. Low levels of vitamin D can cause a disease called rickets. This condition causes bone pain and weak, soft bones. If untreated, it can lead to bones that are fragile and misshapen in adulthood.

Talk to your doctor and find out if you are getting enough vitamin D in your diet. The amount you need may depend on your age and sex.

Get the right amount of vitamin D to keep your body and bones healthy!