You should start taking medication to treat high blood pressure (BP) if you meet these criteria:

  • BP ≥ 140/90


  • BP ≥ 130/80 and have one of the following:
    • Cardiovascular disease such as heart failure, coronary heart disease, stroke, heart attack, peripheral artery disease
    • Diabetes
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • A ≥ 10% risk of developing heart disease or stroke in the next 10 years (called 10-year ASCVD risk). Your doctor can calculate your 10-year risk. There is also an easy to use online calculator from the American College of Cardiology: ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus

In 2017, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association set new high blood pressure guidelines. They changed how and when doctors should treat high BP. The experts set new treatment criteria. Now doctors should treat people with high blood pressure medication sooner than they have in the past.

These changes mean more people may avoid serious problems in the future. So, start treatment and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Reduce your risk of future disease.

Less Pressure, More Health!