It’s extremely important to be on the right medicines after you leave the hospital to continue treatment of your illness.  Studies show that patients who don’t pick up the prescriptions given to them as they leave the hospital are more likely to get readmitted to the hospital.  Patients have told experts that inability to get medicines or take them properly have led to them being readmitted to the hospital.  You may have all the prescriptions ordered, but once you get home, you realize you have no way of picking them up from the pharmacy. If you can’t get to the pharmacy, or follow up visits, tell your medical team now so that they may address the situation and help you with transportation options or having medicines delivered to your home. If you are weak from your hospitalization, they may be able to arrange transportation from your apartment for you, or give you ideas of what to do. If a friend or family member can pick up the medicines, plan that now, before you leave the hospital. 

Think ahead when it comes to your meds!