Medicines are meant to help patients feel better. But sometimes, medicine can make people feel worse. It can be difficult for doctors to figure out which medicines are helping and which are making people feel worse. An N-of-1 trial can help doctors and patients figure this out.

In an N-of-1 trial, information is collected on how a patient feels when taking a medicine and how they feel when they stop taking a medicine. This information can be used to make decisions about medicines. For example, if a patient felt worse when taking a medicine, then it might make sense to stop the medicine.

In other words, an N-of-1 trial can help patients and doctors make decisions about medicines. It is called an N-of-1 trial because there is only 1 patient involved in a trial like this. This helps to make sure that decisions about medicines are personalized.

For you, an N-of-1 gets the job done!