Sometimes medications are ordered by your doctors in the hospital for you to go home on, but when you get to the pharmacy, there is a problem. The medication may not be in stock or it may require some paperwork before the pharmacy can release it to you. Or it may be too expensive for you to afford. We want to ensure that your medications are approved, available, affordable, and ready for pickup when you leave the hospital. We also want to make sure you pick up your medications.

Up to a quarter of patients don’t fill their medications within the first seven days after their discharge. If you think you won’t be able to get to the pharmacy because of transportation problems, talk to your medical team now to see if they can have the medications delivered to your home or even your bedside before you leave.  Not filling your medications can lead to worsening of the illness and end up bringing you back to the hospital. So talk to your medical team now about making sure that your medications will be available for you at your pharmacy.

When your prescriptions are all set, you know what you get!