Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) only have a few side effects. Most people taking ARBs have fewer symptoms than people taking other blood pressure medicines. In fact, in some studies, those taking ARBs reported fewer symptoms and side effects than those taking a placebo (a placebo is a pill with no medicine).

But all medicines can cause side effects in some people. Above are the most common symptoms reported by people taking an ARB in research studies. Some studies showed that these same symptoms occurred more often in people taking a placebo than people taking an ARB. This makes it unlikely that the symptom was caused by ARBs and is likely from another cause.   

When people have symptoms on ARBs, they are almost always minor and don’t cause people to stop treatment. Your doctor will often tell you to wait and see if they go away. Be sure to talk to your doctor about new symptoms you develop, especially when you first start an ARB. Although rare, like any medicine, ARB’s can cause a serious allergic reaction.

ARBs cause no symptoms in most people. Fewer symptoms make it easier to stick with your daily dose!

Even common side effects are not so common!