No, there is no cure for type 2 diabetes. But some people can return to normal blood sugar levels if they lose a lot of weight and keep the weight off. This isn’t really a cure – it’s called remission. This is because diabetes can still come back.  

Studies have found that type 2 diabetes is mainly caused by having too much fat in the liver and pancreas. Losing at least 20 to 30 pounds can get rid of some of this extra fat. This can lead to remission. The sooner you lose weight after being diagnosed with diabetes, the better your chance of remission. Weight loss surgery can also help get rid of extra fat and lead to remission. But surgery is not an option for everyone.  

 Even if you can’t get your diabetes into remission, treatment can stop long-lasting damage from happening. So work with your doctor to set up a treatment plan and then follow it. 

 Type 2 has no cure, but losing weight can help for sure!