You may not feel any different after you start your blood pressure medicine, but chances are it is still working. The only way to know for sure is by checking your blood pressure.

In order to know if the medicine is working, you need to check your blood pressure regularly. You can do this several ways.

You can check your blood pressure at home. Make sure to write down the readings, and bring them to your next visit with the doctor. Talk to your doctor about how often to check your blood pressure. Many doctors recommend checking it 2 times a day when you first start a blood pressure medicine. It can help to vary the times of day that you check. Be sure to write down the time of day as well as the measurement.

If you can’t check your blood pressure at home, you may be able to have it checked at a local pharmacy.

In general, the doctor will want to know how you are doing within 2-4 weeks. This is to measure your blood pressure and check for possible side effects. Your doctor will tell you when the best time to follow up is. Some people may need to come in sooner. In some cases, the doctor or nurse can speak with you on the phone and get all the information they need.


Remember…Keep Your Blood Pressure…In Check!