Most people who begin amlodipine will see their blood pressure go down (and stay down!) within about 1 week of starting the medicine. After about a week of taking amlodipine daily, your blood pressure should reach a lower level.

This tells you how long amlodipine takes to lower your blood pressure in the long run. But how long does it take for each amlodipine dose to take effect on a daily basis?

Although each dose of amlodipine begins working as soon as it enters the blood, it takes 6-12 hours for amlodipine to reach its greatest effect. This means your blood pressure should begin to go down within 12 hours of taking amlodipine. So if you take amlodipine at 8:00 am with your breakfast, when you check your pressure at 4:00 pm (6-12 hours later), it should have gone down. However, each person is different. You may see your blood pressure go down more quickly or more slowly than this. Once you are taking amlodipine at the same time every day, your blood pressure should stay down throughout the day.

Amlodipine is like a sprinter. As soon as the race starts, the runner starts sprinting, but it takes the sprinter a few strides to reach their fastest pace.

Amlodipine takes about a week to reach its peak!