The support of friends and family may help you recover faster after total knee replacement (TKR) surgery. Their support can help you reach peak physical function. Your knee pain and stiffness may also get better quicker. Here are some ways they can help you:

  • Friends and family can offer tangible support. They can take care of tasks that are hard to do while you are recovering. Tasks may include cooking, shopping, and driving you to the doctor.
  • Friends and family can offer emotional support. They can help you believe in yourself. They can encourage you.
  • Friends and family can offer social support. They can help you continue doing everyday activities. This may include going out to eat and joining in social activities or events. It can motivate you to follow all the steps to recovery. This may get you back to full function faster.
  • Friends and family can offer informational support. They can help you understand and apply medical information about your recovery. They can also talk to your doctors and help you get the medical support you need.
  • Friends and family can help reduce anxiety. Their help can lower your levels of anxiety. You can focus on getting better. Reduced anxiety can result in less pain and better knee function after TKR.

With family and friends' support, you can cut TKR recovery time short!