The easiest way to lower blood pressure (BP) naturally is with diet and exercise. Eating less salt lowers BP in most people. You can also lower BP by drinking less alcohol. A heart-healthy diet can help, too.

Aerobic exercise has been shown to lower BP. It makes the heart work harder. It includes fast walking, running, biking, and swimming. Since there is some risk of injury from exercise, you should check with your doctor before you start an exercise plan.

Activities that lower your stress can help lower your BP, too. They may include meditation or mindfulness techniques. These ways of relaxing have no known risks. So, they are worth trying to see if they help your BP. A device to help you learn to control your breathing rate can also reduce stress. It may lower BP in some people.

Diet, exercise, and relaxation may lower your BP. But they don’t usually work as well as medicine. Most doctors feel these natural methods are best used along with medicine to lower BP.

A healthy lifestyle may help lower your BP naturally!