There are many ways to lower your risk of heart disease if you have lupus. 

Keep your lupus under control. Take your lupus medicines and follow your doctor’s advice. The better controlled your lupus is, the lower your risk of heart disease.  

Find out your risk of getting heart disease. Knowledge is power. Knowing your risk can help you and your doctor makes a plan to prevent heart disease. Depending on your health and level of risk, your doctor may have you take medicine to help lower your cholesterol or blood pressure. Or they may ask you to make some lifestyle changes. 

You can find your heart disease risk using this tool by the American College of Cardiology:!/calculate/estimate/   

Follow the American Heart Association’s “Life’s Simple 7®”. These are the things that most impact your risk of heart disease. This is true for everyone, whether you have lupus or not. 

  1. Stop smoking if you smoke 
  2. Control your cholesterol 
  3. Manage your blood pressure 
  4. Keep your blood sugar down 
  5. Eat a healthy diet 
  6. Be physically active 
  7. Be a healthy weight 

As you can see, there are many ways to lower your risk of heart disease. They don’t all involve taking pills. Talk to your doctor about what way might be best for you.  

To prevent lupus from impacting your heart, managing your lupus can be a great start!