You should have your cholesterol checked regularly once you start taking a statin. At first, visits are scheduled every 1 to 3 months. If your cholesterol level is not dropping enough, your doctor may give you a higher dose or add other medicines. Once your cholesterol level is on track, then visits can occur less often, such as every 3 months or every year.

Time for Checkup

Your doctor may ask you about side effects that you may be having. If you are having certain side effects, your doctor may want to do some blood tests. This is especially true if you are taking high doses of statins or if you have other medical problems. The tests can check on the effects of statins on your muscles, liver, and blood sugar. Some people with side effects from one statin do better if they switch to another statin.

The check-up is a good time to talk about lifestyle changes you are working on too. Following a heart-healthy diet, losing weight, and adding exercise to your routine can be hard. But they are important. Talking to a trusted expert like your doctor can really help.

 With regular check-ups or calls, it won’t be long until your cholesterol falls!